Financial Professionals Choose Interactive Brokers for Best Execution

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Interactive Brokers continues to be a leader in best execution. The quality of Interactive Brokers’ U.S. stock and option executions has outperformed the industry as a whole for at least nine straight years based on independent measurements by the Transaction Auditing Group, Inc., a third-party provider of transaction analysis. In the second half of 2016 (the most recent period for which data is available), IB client orders received prices 6 cents better per 100 shares than the industry average for U.S. stock orders and 24 cents per contract better for U.S. options than the industry average.

Financial Stability

Interactive Brokers LLC (commonly known as Interactive Brokers or IB) is a subsidiary of the Interactive Brokers Group, a publicly traded company listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange under the symbol “IBKR.”

In addition to being an industry leader in best execution, Interactive Brokers offers financial stability, starting with its market capitalization of over $15.5 billion. As of December 31, 2016, IB had regulatory net capital of over $3.2 billion USD, and excess net capital of nearly $2.9 billion (i.e., the capital maintained by IB to satisfy its obligations to its clients and counterparties was close to $3 billion USD more than required by U.S. regulators (the SEC and CFTC)).

Worldwide Access to Markets and Execution Capability

IB is a member of the New York Stock Exchange and has been a registered broker-dealer with the SEC since 1994. IB is currently licensed with and regulated by at least 16 self-regulatory organizations worldwide and 52 U.S. states and territories. IB and its affiliates are members of roughly 120 exchanges, clearing houses and trading venues worldwide.

Interactive Brokers is the largest brokerage firm in the United States as measured by Daily Average Revenue Trades. In the fourth quarter of 2016, IB and its affiliates conducted an average of 1,316,000 trades each day worldwide. IB serves more than 385,000 clients, who keep over $85.5 billion in equity at IB. IB and its affiliates trade on over 100 market centers in 24 countries and provide direct market access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, metals, ETFs and CFDs. The firm allows its clients to maintain funds and conduct trading in at least 22 different currencies.

Industry Awards and Recognition

IB has been ranked a top online broker by Barron’s Magazine for the last six years. In 2016, Barron’s also named IB “Best for International Traders” and the “Best for Frequent Traders.” Barron’s also rated IB the lowest cost online broker in 2015 and 2016.  Barron’s Magazine also found that IB had the lowest margin fees of any broker listed in its survey of accounts having $100k or more in assets.

Also in 2016, IB was named “Best Options Trading Platform – Broker” and “Best Broker- Dealer Futures” in the Wall Street Letter Institutional Awards.

In 2015, IB was named “Best Cross Asset Trading Solution” in the Wall Street Letter Institutional Awards. IB was named “Best Prime Broker – Startups” in the Hedge Fund Manager Magazine U.S. Hedge Fund Services Awards.

In 2014, IB was named the “Best Prime Broker – Technology” in the Hedge Fund Manager Magazine U.S. Hedge Fund Services Awards. IB was named the “Best Broker-Dealer Overall” in the Wall Street Letter Institutional Awards, and the “Best Stock Brokerage, Futures Brokerage, and Forex Brokerage” by Stocks and Commodities magazine.

The combination of Interactive Brokers’ extremely strong capital position, best execution technology, and low cost, among other factors, make IB an excellent choice as a prime broker and custodian for global financial advisors, funds and introducing brokers who want to provide a safe, secure and cost-effective global investment platform for their clients.

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